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PrimalFetish - Avi Love - I'm In Charge of My Slutty Sister

Part One - I barge into my sisters room to check on her because my parents left me in charge while they're gone. I tell her I decided she has to stay in for the week and she gets so mad because she was suppose to go to a concert. I tell her it's winter break and since I'm in charge, she has to stay in 24/7 with me. She never does anything for me anyway and I always have to work. So I tell her if she wants to go to the concert, there's something she's going to have to do for me from now on- take care of me. Part Two - My sister is on the phone with her boyfriend on the couch. I tell her she might want to get off the phone with him unless she wants him to listen. Mom and dad are coming back tomorrow, so this is our last chance for a little bit of fun. She says she hasn't seen him all week because of me. She tells me she's really sore because we've been doing it everyday, but she was suppose to fuck her boyfriend today and since I'm a lot bigger than he is, she doesn't know if she can take it anymore. Since she keeps saying no, I tell her I'm going to tell our Dad I caught her fucking her boyfriend in her bed- unless she fucks me one more time

2 June 2021

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