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MissaX - Loss Of Control

Mindfucking Missa by Jealous Ex-girlfriend, Conservative to Slut, Creampie, spandex, and a little bit of ass smacking. Annette comes over our home again. She wants to talk to both of us again. She is such a sad case, experiencing depression since I moved in with her ex-boyfriend. We have felt sorry for her and amused her conversations with us in the past, but enough is enough. It is totally unfair for me to sit there and listen to her beg Derek to come back to her; and I don't have to deal with this anymore! Bu what's this... She is promising to stay out of our lives as long as she can talk to us one more time. I am intrigued by the possibility, no more crazy rants, no more stalking, she will leave us alone forever? I welcome her inside for this one last time. Derek is at work, he will be home in an hour. I am in my workout clothes, I was going to leave for the gym. We wait for him and I tell her how I have been working out, trying to get my body in tip top shape for my love, Derek. My legs part, and I pee right through my workout pants! I am humiliated, but I can't help but put my hands down my pants and rub my wet, warm, pussy. I quickly learn by the smug smile on Annette's face that she is mindfucking me somehow! She gets on the phone and calls a man to come over. A stranger. I know that he is going to fuck me. I know when Derek comes home and sees me fuck another man, he will certainly leave me. I am devastated, I scream "Noooooo!" I then change back into the mindset that Annie is me into, and I can't wait to suck and fuck anyone for her. A handsome stranger enters. I can't wait to tear off his pants. I suck his cock hungrily. I want to feel his orgasm inside my pussy, so I lean over and tell him to fuck me from behind. I am so dirty, I give him a lot of dirty talk, he slaps my ass, turning my fair skin red. He creams inside of my pussy and I love the feeling. I am forever Annie's, and I am her slut forever.

15 May 2023

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