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A.C.T.A. 3 Nina Metz Frozen

Detective Nina Metz, who is Suzie's(pop star frozen by Chris) twin sister who comes around prodding and looking for answers to everything, but especially her sister's disappearance with only photos left behind, depicting her as an animal, frozen in poses. The reason they want to use a model, instead of an animal is to defeat all the people that are against cruelty to animals. Rex, who is a photographer working with Chris takes over as the contact who will meet Nina Metz and see what she is sneaking around looking for answers. Rex invites her to his flat, and offers her some coffee, while he acts concerned that she is looking for Suzie. She accepts and drinks down the fresh brewed pot. After a couple nice gulps she starts to interrogate Rex about Suzie's disappearance, and why she was photographed in such ludicrous poses, looking like animals. Rex replied that Suzie wanted to do those photos for the ACTA campaign and agreed to everything. Rex then asked if she, Nina herself, was interested in a photo shoot. Nina is pissed off and sets down her coffee, grabs her pistol, and walks towards Rex. She grabs him by the throat, making him go over the arm of the sofa and points her service weapon at his head. "You better give me some answers or I will kill you." she says with a grin. Rex replies, "okay, okay, sorry...oh by the way Nina, did you know that I put the same drug in your coffee I gave to your sister?" Nina says, "What the hell...eggg..uhhh" She is catatonic, but still limber, she slumps on to him so he takes the time to pull up her skirt and admire her perfect ass. He grabs a syringe with a clear substance in it and jabs the point into her ass, plunging the drug into her blood stream. That will definitely stiffen her up. He rolls her off on to the carpet and them drags her to his office. Fade in to Rex talking to the client, making sure what type of photo shoot they want, then starts to pose Nina, who is all dolled up, in pony tails, and grinning, half naked and only in a tight shirt. He starts to pose her in different positions, on the ottoman, to the floor, standing, and on the sofa. He removes her sexy heels showing her perfect soles. He molds her face, and poses her in many different positions, trying to snap some photos to capture the beauty. He feels like he knows what the client wants, and takes the opportunity to show how good he is at getting the right poses. He loves to pose her and mold her face to smiles, frowns, and showing off her perfect body, and beautiful face. After posing her in many positions, and doing face molding, he decides to make her into a centerpiece on the table. He clears the table as her statuesque figure watches. He picks her up and puts her on the table, posing her like a Christmas Turkey, Breast down and ass up. He takes a red rose and puts it in her mouth. He snaps more pics before flipping her over to finish her off, and with the post it note reading, "FROZEN HOTTIE". He knows he has a successful shoot and now its time to treat the photos and send them to the client. Wow Detective Nina Metz, you were as hot as your bitch sister, if not hotter!

23 May 2023

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