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Addie Juniper - Brother Fucks and Anally Penetrates Limp Sister

Poor Addie has been working hard on her term paper, but her brother (portrayed by Kevin Wang) offers to help her stay away and study hard by giving her some medicine. Unfortunately for Addie, the medicine he gave her was *not* the stimulant he promised, so she soon falls down as her eyes roll back into her head. Eyes closed and head slumped over, her whole body is propped up in bed, but Kevin soon is able to move her in any position he wants. Her arms fall lifelessly when dropped as she is not in control. Naughty older brother may have planned this all along because he slowly undresses the limp Addie so that she lie on the the bed totally naked! He flops her arms and legs, dropping them to the bed and proving how sleepy she really is. He pulls her chin down to open her mouth and inserts his cock, slowly rubbing it against her lips and slapping it against her cheeks. She's really out of it! Kevin kneels down beside her spread legs and opens the lips of her pussy so that he can slide inside her. Vigorously thrusting, he's totally having sex with her limp, naked body. Throwing her on her stomach and moving her body as if her were a ragdoll, he takes her doggy style. She is expressionless and quiet, but you can hear the pounding he gives to her! He'll slap her ass, grabbing her and pulling her into him. But Kevin gets even more adventurous, getting some toys and lube, he'll slowly insert a red butt plug, but she still doesn't wake up! With her little toy still inside her, he goes back to slamming her from behind. She starts sliding down the bed through the sheer kinetic motion of him plowing her. Deciding to get a little riskier, he slowly pulls out the smaller sized butt plug to prepare for the bigger, ribbed butt plug. It glides in where you can hear each of the ribs popping into place. Now with her asshole getting slowly warmed up, he'll fuck her pussy while she lie there motionless. Flipping her over and dragging her across the bed, he'll fuck her in all different positions and you can see the butt plug still in place. Watch her breasts bouncing as he thrusts deeply into her. Suddenly, Addie starts coming to and she's horrified to see him mounted on top of her, so he has to act quickly. Choking her out, she slowly loses breath and her eyes close back so that she's totally out of it. He continues to bang her, stopping only for a moment to slide her limp body down the bed. He gets to take her however he likes her, and finally when it's time to cum, he sprays his creamy, white load onto her face. He doesn't want to get himself in trouble, so he carefully wipes away the evidence. Putting her clothes back on her, he rearranges her as if none of this ever happened. Sleepily she stretches alone in the room, not realizing that anything had happened, she realizes that her ass is her! Wait- what is that in your asshole, Addie?

6 October 2023

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