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Taboo-Fantasy - Angelina Jolly - The Evil Fertility Idol

Josh has ordered a very powerful Fertility Idol from the internet. This thing claims to be the World's most effective aphrodisiac!! Josh plans to use it on a hot girl at school. Josh accidentally leaves the Idol unattended in the living room for a few minutes..and his Step-Sister Angelina finds it!!! Angelina, unfortunately.touches it..and immediately succumbs to it's powers!! Angelina starts masturbating on the sofa, while clutching the Idol. Josh walks in on his Sibling and Angelina goes right for his cock!!! Angelina NEEDS cock now!!! Angelina gets Josh to pound the stuffing out of her, while still holding the Idol. Josh ends up filling his horny Step-Sister's mouth with cum. He knows know that the Idol really works..he just hopes he can use it on someone outside his Family now!!!

3 April 2024

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