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Girls Controlled To Be Bad Mandy Taylor

Mandy Taylor is now made to believe my camera is magical, and the lens will be able to suck her mind away. See how her gaze is fixated to the lens, and she can not look away as she slowly transforms to a person with a mind, to a mindless bimbo, unaware of what is happening to her body; as its there for me to use and . See her face and expressions go from knowing whats happening, to being completely and expressionless. Then when I reverse the process, her mind slowly goes back into her - she feels very odd doesn't quite know what just happened, and when I reveal to her what did happen - that her mind was sucked out of her body; she argues that its impossible to do that... so I decide to do it again! In this part, Mandy Taylor's mind is completely sucked from her body and we are left with a beautiful mindless naked body left for me to do with as I please. Watch as I focus on close-ups of various parts of her body, from her face, breasts, arms, hands, and more. In this last part of Mandy Taylors mind being sucked away, we have her arguing with me about how its impossible to suck someones brains away with a camera, or in any method at all... so I decided to show her again what I did to her. She is afraid, and she tries to hide from the camera, not looking into the lens... but I'm smarter than that - so I freeze her in place, position her face to the camera, and open her eyes and unfreeze her so she is locked looking into the camera lens again.. she realizes it, and is shocked but before she can complain too much her mind starts to suck away and you can see the life draining from her slowly yet surely... and then finally shes gone again. And then I move her around, play with her body abit, and then return her mind back to her - she returns very groggily.. Ok, Mandy Taylor is a tough nut. I attempted to give her instant orgasms before, and it barely phased her when I gave her the trigger word... I could detect a slight difference in the way she was feeling but that's it.. so then I sucked her brains out, and put it back... Now, I try again to make her cum... I say the word "RED" and she responds much better, but no where is it like I wanted... so I keep trying it, and you can hear her voice shudder as she feels it happening, but she is fighting it too - you can tell... finally, we decide it is time for a break, so I let her get dressed again, freezing her a few times along the way; and we break... when we come back, I'm going to get her to cum for me! Thanks to the live shows, this suggestion was a popular one.. called the "Je**" mind trick... I don't want to put that word in there, cause of certain copyright restrictions and I don't want to be rained upon by lawyers... anyhow, I have trained Mandy to go into a program state when ever I wave my hand in front of her face - and then anything I tell her she will repeat, and then have to perform. Since we just got back from a short break, she is fully clothed - so I decide to use this to get her naked! Watch and enjoy as she is confused about how she is losing clothing again... Mandy Taylor has taken to my "mind trick" very well, everytime I wave my hand across her face she falls into a program mode where I can tell her anything, and then she repeats and and has to perform it. I freeze her in place, and introduce a dildo into her hand - and then unfreeze her. She gets a bit shocked at how a dildo just "magically" appeared in her hands, then I wave my hand and tell her to masturbate. She then starts sucking on it, and masturbating with the dildo. In mid masturbation, I freeze her in place - and move her hands exposing the dildo still stuck in her pussy. Quite interesting!

21 May 2023

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