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Mind Under Master - Halloween Harem - Part 1

He feels foolish dressed like a pirate, but he was asked to chaperon his 18 year old stepdaughter's halloween party. He didn't understand WHY a bunch of college girls would need a chaperon, but he didn't like the idea of his stepdaughter, Harmony, being at some frat house. Dani Jensen seems VERY grateful that he's there. "So are you in the sorority?" "No" she laughs, "I'm the leader of our.book club" Dani and her coven of witches make their pledges to each other as they begin the spell. A spell that will make them young and beautiful forever. A spell that will give them power over men. A spell to bend them to their will. "So where are the other guests" Harmony's stepdad asks trying to change the subject. "Oh don't worry about them, you're our guest of honor tonight" Dani says as moves in closer, touching his leg and leaning in to kiss him. He feebly holds up his ring finger, but Dani just kisses it. "I bet she doesn't dress like this, does she?" Even if she did, his wife looks nothing like Dani, she's something he's only ever fantasized about. The coven continues the spell "Make our eyes [.] so he can't look away" "Make our voices sweet and comforting" "Make our kisses irresistible" "Make the taste of our tongues addictive" "Make every inch of our bodies desirable" Dani mounts him, her hands on his face so his eyes stare deep into hers as the empty cup falls from his hands. He can't help himself, he may never get a chance to touch a body like hers again. Just for a few moments, just to know what it's like, he tells himself. "Don't you've the way my body feels?" she asks as she grinds and places his hands on her big tits, "Isn't it SO much better than your wife's'?" He moans out at her words. It's so wrong but its turns him on because its so true. "Don't you want MORE?" "More?" he fumbles out. "Don't tell me you've never thought about your stepdaughter?" Images of Harmony flash into his mind. Her sexy little body, her innocent little face. "Haven't you ever fantasized about sneaking into her room at night?" He tries to shake his head but Dani knows the truth as she feels his cock move "That gets you SO hard doesn't it? It's ok, we can keep a secret" "We?" he asks, both excited and concerned about her answer. "Me and your stepdaughter" He feels delicate hands run down his chest from behind as Dani kisses him passionately. When she pulls back Harmony's face is next to his. "It's ok step-daddy, step-mommy will never find out" she says as his heart races "I promise I won't tell anyone step-daddy." He does nothing to stop his own stepdaughter from bringing her lips to his "Especially not step-mommy." Dani makes room on the sofa so Harmony can spoon up next to her stepfather. "We just want to make you feel good" she tells him as Harmony swings her leg over his and they both run their little hands over the bulge in his pants. "What about the other girls?" he stammers, both looking for a way out and hoping they never stop. "Its ok, they're getting dressed" Dani tells him. "Putting on their own cute little outfits" Harmony says, teasing his imagination as she rubs harder against his cock. "Don't do that" he pleads turning towards his stepdaughter, but is met with another kiss. "Shh step-daddy, its gonna be ok." She whispers in his ear. "I can feel how hard you are" Dani whispers in his other ear. Their hot breath on his neck, their wet lips kissing his ear. His hand moves to his stepdaughter's ass as she presses more of her body against him "Don't you want to give us your cock?" Dani asks. "Can I please put your cock in my mouth step-daddy?" Harmony begs as she falls to her knees and begins to undue his belt. "We just want you to use us to make you feel good" Dani tells him, her eyes putting him in a trance as his stepdaughter pulls his pants to his ankles, "We're here for YOU and ONLY you." Harmony's wet little tongue licks her stepdad's shaft "Thank you step-daddy" she says before taking it into her mouth. Its too late now, he can't stop them, he doesn't want to stop them. Dani kisses him, telling him how grateful they are, how honored they are that he would give them his cock. "Can I taste it too?" Dani asks before he permits her to suck his cock as well. "Thank you step-daddy" Harmony says as she comes up to kiss her stepdad. "We just want to pleasure you step-daddy, we want to give you the best halloween ever." Harmony contuse to tease him about how good Dani's mouth must feel, how its better than step-mommy's before she drops back to her knees and joins Dani. They take turns sucking and licking his balls, sharing the shaft as she run their mouths up and down it, getting it nice and wet with spit. Soon his hand is behind his stepdaughter's head pushing her up and down on his cock as she willingly takes it down her throat for his pleasure. But soon Harmony wants more. He tries to say no, that sex is TOO far, but once Dani pulls down her panties from under her little cheer uniform, he knows he can't resist the temptation. Harmony climbs on top of him and grinds on her stepfather's cock [simulated sex]. She thanks him as she moans with pleasure. Dani whispers in his ear how he owns her pussy now. They share kisses as Harmony continues to ride him, telling him he can fuck all her holes and use her whenever he wants. He flips her to doggy style, his hand up under her little cheer skit as Dani kisses him and whispers her devotion to him. Harmony begs her stepdad to sneak in her room every night after step-mommy goes to bed. Dani begs to help service him whenever he wants. They treat him like a god as he continues to pound his little stepdaughter, putting his hand around her neck as she moans and begs for more. But he owns BOTH of them, so he tells Dani to climb on his cock while his stepdaughter kisses him and whispers in his ear. Harmony thanks him for using them. She tells him how much sexier Dani is than step-mommy, those big perky tits are SO much better. A pair of perfect fakes tits for him to squeeze and suck on as they both thank him for the honor of pleasuring his cock. They want to drain his cock tonight, they want to take ALL his cum. They both get on their knees again and beg for his cum, Dani licking his balls as his stepdaughter strokes him until he cums. After the bliss unclouded his mind, her tried to grab his pants and leave, but before he knows it, the other girls around surrounding him. Liv Wild, Jewelz Blu and Paris White join them as Harmony and Dani start sucking his cock again. They meant it when they said they wanted ALL of his cum tonight. To Be Continued..

6 December 2023

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