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Remote Operated Step-Mother

Carly G is a lazy and obnoxious gold digger for a step mother... It's a problem I can't stand. Why not just turn her into a remote controlled robot while dad is away? So I trick her into putting on a necklace with a mind control chip. Problem solved! Now I'm sure I'll get along with the fembot Carly G very well and even dad will be pleased. With a push of a button the mind controlled MILF wakes up and is marched down from her bedroom into the lounge where she performs a strip tease. Her toned body is groped before I give the bitch a good spanking of her ripe ass. After inserting a butt plug, a button is pushed on the remote and she wakes from her programming. She whines about being naked and butt plug in her ass, threatening to tell my dad. But I active the mind control chip in her necklace and Carly G is turned back into a robot. I make her put on a blue leotard and have some fun at her expense. Then wearing a black leotard the remote controlled step mother poses for me. After putting on a white bikini, she models some more. I then have her make me lunch which I enjoy in the garden. Carly G is then ordered to give her step son a blowjob, before being taken back inside so she can ride my throbbing cock. The remote controlled slave is then made to call my dad while being fucked doggy style to tell him how well she is getting on with her step son. Finally Carly G has to wear a sexy dress before I active human mode, making her a very friendly and obedient step mother

17 May 2021
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