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Controlling Mommy's Body

This is it. Today is the day to finally test out your new device. The one that you’ve been fiddling with forever, tinkering to perfection. You’d only have one chance to get it right, so why not now… with your test subject sitting right in front of you in her low cut, cleavage boosting sundress, oblivious of your indecent intentions. Your own sexy mother. She’s too absorbed in her magazine to notice you setting the program parameters to initiate as soon as it’s activated…. To make her beautiful body do anything you want, despite whatever free will she thought she still had left. Oh the things you’ve imagined her doing… it would all be real as soon as you flipped the switch. You couldn’t wait any longer. An electric shock arced out and connected with your mother’s arm, and she squealed in surprise. It would only be moments before you could harness control of her whole body. But you didn’t want to go too fast. Her hand moved idly to her face… and a finger slipped into her mouth. Your mother didn’t seem to notice this phantom limb moving on it’s own, gently penetrating her wet lips. More. Her hand traveled down to grope those magnificently juicy breasts through her dress, making her bosom heave sexily. Fingers pushed in and out of her tight cleavage and she still remained distracted… until she finally caught you staring at her chest. Your mother scrambled in shock at her apparent lewd state, apologizing fervently. She was dumbfounded as to how her limbs would act on their own. Then her hand resumed groping. Your mother gasped and squealed, failing to pry the phantom hand from her bosom. She begged you to close your eyes, attempting to maintain some maternal dignity. But that was the last thing you wanted. Her hand independently traveled down the front of her body, to rest between her legs. It began rubbing… faster and faster. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t do anything but accept what was happening… to enjoy this intimate sensation. Even if it was in front of her son. Despite your mother’s gasping pleas, you pulled that hard cock out of your pants. Her pleading soon turned into moans of sensual pleasure as she gave into a powerful orgasm. With barely enough time to catch her breath, your mother’s legs buckled to the floor, her hands reached out to grab your body… and her head lowered towards your pulsating manhood. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Finally. She whimpered and reluctantly took you into her mouth. You’d be sure to make your mother swallow your seed down her warm throat too

18 November 2021

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