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Classical Conditioning - Mom and Sister mesmerized

Day 1 - My Sister I'm at the top of my class. I've been obsessed with what famous psychologists have taught us. Pavlov, Freud.there are too many to begin crediting. I've tried to run tests myself, but have hardly found the appropriate subjects. Day 2 - Mom "Hey mom," I said, ringing the bell. *DING, DING, DING* "Whaaaat?" she said, barging through the room. I felt pretty confident that I had learned more, but also remembered that this wasn't a one time thing. "You and that damn bell!" she whined. I repeated the same thing I did with my sister, "I want you to suck my cock." A Week Later - My Sister My sister's hips swayed from side to side, her eyes were emotionless and blank, and she followed my orders. It was fascinating. I was really starting to get some progress with this. I was able to get her to dance, strip down, and even freeze. I was curious to see how far I could really take it, so I commanded her to give me a blowjob. However, all the dings started to get to Mom, and as my sister was obediently bending down, Mom barged through the room. Day 10 - Mom After some time went by, I was eventually able to condition a response from the stimulus. I called for my mom, and as she entered, I rang the bell. Her eyes immediately glazed over, and I commanded her to strip. "Yes, Master," she said slowly. Full Training - Mom & Sister I thought it was funny at first.watching my mom and sister quickly become trained by the sound of a bell. Maybe I've grown too selfish, too horrible of a person.but I rang the bell for both of them to come in. After all, I was feeling kind of horny

26 March 2023

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