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RoboLust Female training - Breanne Benson - I am deeply entranced for my master son

Leave it to my beautiful yet demanding and sometimes quite bitchy wife to ruin a perfectly planed evening. OK, I have to admit, I did forget that it was our anniversary but come on, all the other guys were watching the big game tonight and who would have ever thought that our team would make it that far. Anyway, no matter what I say, she insists on going out to her favorite restaurant, which BTW, I don't really like anyways. I have to say though, she looks dam good tonight as she is standing in front of the mirror, applying her makeup and all. Luckily, I have a back up gift, I bought a while ago. You know the kind of gift you keep hidden away for the day when you forget her birthday or in this case our anniversary. We all know that this is bound to happen, right? Of course it is not her favorite perfume but then again it was on sale and what makes it even more special is the fact that is from India. Well, to be honest, what makes it really special is the effect it has on the brain but I don't think she really needs to know that part. Breanne seems to slowly get hit by the special powers of the perfume, her eyes flicker, she shakes her head as if she needs to wake herself up and it becomes clear that her thinking seems, inhibited, to say the least. Poor thing, now she can not even remember where she made the restaurant reservation for tonight. Her eyes stare into the mirror and we all know what happens next. "I am deeply entranced for you master". Looks like my sexy little wife needs some training which includes, having to pleasure herself with a vibrator until crazy for lust and then being denied to orgasm, self inflicted nipple, orgasms on command, kneeling, lots of yes masters and so much more. Towards the end, I decide to freeze her while her awareness comes back but the fact that she still does not seem to have learned, leaves me no other choice than to keep her frozen until after the game and to..

26 April 2023

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