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MissaX - CTRL-ALT-DEL Mommy VI - Sarah Vandella

Includes: Robby Echo trains Mother Sarah Vandella, programed to freeze My name is Robby Echo and I'm president of the Science Club at school. I've worked out some pretty amazing things in the basement of my High School with my best friend, Jeffrey, but things went South with him. Jeffrey thinks that I want to use our inventions for "unethical purposes," man.. he is such a punk ass bitch. You should have seen his face when I gave him a piece of my mind. I was bummed to lose my best friend, but life goes on, I'll just have to find a test subject on my own. My mom wasn't herself when I got home from school that night. Pussy Jeffrey ratted on me to his mother and my mind filled worry. Just how much did Jeffrey tell? Do they know that we've practically perfected a spray that will freeze a woman's muscles? Do they know that I have a system that will alter a woman's mind to different wavelengths/behavior channels? Mom was pissed and I didn't have much time to think about how I would react. I sprayed her with my "freeze spray" right in the eyes and mouth. It worked! Well, sort of.. Mom's muscles were frozen but she could move her eyes, she could crank her head approximately 30 degrees. I took the chip and turned on the vibrate function. Mom couldn't swallow it, as I intended, with her muscles frozen, but I could get her pussy wet enough for it to glide through her pink inner-labias. Mom sat up with a robotic movement, her chocolate brown eyes had turned red, then white, and looked at me unfeelingly, eager for instruction. I touched my sweet mother's lips, "can you feel that?" She replied with a robotic sound, "yes, master." My sweet mother's voice was robotic and monotone, but she could feel pleasure? I tested out different channels. I wanted my mother to give me an epic blow job, a blow job that no human woman could perform. She has turned into my sex doll. Starts with blowjob, fucking in several positions as doggy and missionary, has some deepthroat action and ends with a cumshot on the ass

16 May 2023
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