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MissaX - Trophy Wife Gets Blackmailed

I'm dreaming of my big day tomorrow, I'm getting married! I take my dress out of the box and hold it up to myself in the mirror. I twirl around and imagine me wearing it tomorrow. I want to try it on, so I call for my soon-to-be step-son, "baby!?" He answers my call, as expected, he is such an attentive young man. I've always dreamt of being a step-mommy. He helps me put on the dress and I model it for him. I notice him look at me in an unusual way. He is hiding something behind his back. "Darling, what is it?" He shows me a video on his cellphone of me having sex online. I gasp in horror! I try to explain to him that what I did in desperation in the past has no reflection on my character. Thoughts race through my brain as I wonder if why he showed me such a thing, he could have just kept that video to himself and saved me the embarrassment. He mentions that his "step-dad should know." I beg him not to tell his step-father. He considers the situation and after some thought he decides he won't tell, as long as I show him my breasts. I hesitantly reveal my nude breasts to him. I am horrified. My eyes are teary, I didn't notice he grabbed a breast! I gasp! The filthy thinks he has the right to grope me?! I begin to feel angry until he casually mentions that he'll see my pussy, "show me your pussy, or else Step-Dad sees the tape." My head drops as if my neck couldn't bear the weight of such a heavy thought. I could show him my pussy, and that would be the end of it? I consider the alternative of confessing to his religious and conservative step-father, he would surely drop me like a hot potato if he knew I did porn when I was 18! I lift my dress, my legs and reveal myself to him. He shifts his boner in his pants. His eyes are wide, he tells me to masturbate. I'm following his instructions. I feel defeated. I moan at the feel of the satin gloves rubbing against my clit as I touch myself for him. My eyes are locked into his and he unzips his pants and begins to stroke to me. He wants more, more, more from me. I can't give him everything, I am a dignified woman. I tell him he can have just the tip. When he plunges into my pussy, against my wishes, my head falls back in pleasure and disgust. His cock is so huge, throbbing, dripping pre-cum into my tight little pussy. He plunges in and out until he cums hard inside of me. We orgasm together. I shamefully gather the energy to demand that he deletes the video from his phone, he waves it around in front of my face playfully. He rushes out the door and leaves. I am standing in my wedding dress with hot cum dripping down my thighs. I know he will use that tape to take advantage of me whenever he wants

28 March 2024

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